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Collegiate Career Placement Crowdfunding

The goal of the Collegiate Career Placement Program is to help as many elite undergraduate and graduate students as possible through funding provided by a network of individuals, organizations, and businesses. The Logan Development Group will offer the Career Placement Program free of charge to the participants. We have elected instead to utilize crowdfunding to support the cost of the program. The amount of funds generated will directly impact the number of participants that will be accepted into the program as well as some additional services that may be provided to the students. The estimated cost for each participant in the program is $7500 though the Logan Development Group will absorb most of those costs.

Crowdfunding is a new phenomenon that pools smaller amounts of investment from a larger group of contributors. Many start-up companies, technology firms, artists, and causes are utilizing crowdfunding to accomplish their financial goals. Those that invest in the program receive a reward in return.

Funding Levels:

Individuals: minimum of $25
*Individuals that contribute to funding this program will receive a basic resume critique by the Logan Development Group

Business: minimum of $250
*Businesses that fund over $500 will be give first look at the resumes of the participants

Corporate Sponsorship: $2500
*Corporations and businesses can sponsor one of the openings in the program and receive marketing space in materials and online; as well as participate in the selection of their student if they desire.

Other resources are also accepted in lieu of money such as networking meetings and mock interviews for students. Please contact the Logan Development Group if you would like to participate.

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